A cross peninsula railroad for the State of Florida was the dream of the man for whom Levy County was name, David Levy Yulee. The Florida Railroad, a 155.5 mile rail line would like Fernandina on the Atlantic Ocean with Cedar Key on the Gulf of Mexico. When the rail line was completed the the scream of the first locomotive was heard in Cedar Key on March 16, 1862, the groundwork was laid for Levy County to develop and prosper. Many of the communities that owe their beginnings and prosperity to the railroad no longer exist. However, those communities will live on in the history and heritage of our county. Although the rail line was discontinued in 1932 and few remnants remain to remind us of what once was, the Levy County Historical Society invites you to come aboard and follow The Trail of the Rail to relive Levy County’s rich and picturesque railroad history.

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